Cork is a hard wearing floor for life and is the creative choice for floors in prestige residences or commercial buildings. Cork is a natural insulator of heat so it feels warm in Winter, cool underfoot in Summer which makes them an ideal choice for any flooring requirement in your home such as lounge, rumpus or bedrooms.

ReadyCork by Premium Floors was one of the first brands in Australia to launch glue-less cork flooring. In fact, our company started in 1981 as ‘Premium Cork’. Since then, a lot of other flooring types have grown in popularity, but one thing is for sure: once you lived on cork flooring, it is difficult to settle with anything else! That is why we stay committed to sharing our passion for cork.

RedyCork Ambient Antique Leather
RedyCork Ambient Champagne Sand
RedyCork Ambient Harmony Ivory
RedyCork Ambient Rustic Olive
RedyCork Ambient Slate
RedyCork Ambient Traditional