T&G raw solid
timber floors

No other flooring material, natural or man-made,
can match the lasting beauty and sheer durability of solid hardwood.

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19mm solid strip flooring is available in four grades. Alpha Timber Flooring meets Australian Standards and uses the aesthetic Alpha Timber grading system. Grading is distinguished by selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural features that give timber floors a unique character, as individual as a signature. Alpha Timber Flooring is not graded for colour variation or grain patterns as they form part of the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Classic Grade

A subtle feature grade of timber flooring that provides a low level of natural features. The low levels of natural feature present the floor with a uniform look that is best suited to modern, minimalist styles.

Australiana Grade

Graded to include the most interesting and moderate natural features to enhance the look of a timber floor.

Standard and Better Grade

Carefully graded to include the most interesting and moderate features of Australiana grade flooring. This grade offers a minimum level of natural features best suited to a modern style.

Natural Grade

Alpha Timber’s rustic grade displaying a high level of natural features. This grade offers a unique, aged look with extenuated natural features and is well-suited to both commercial interiors and traditional decors.

Note: The availability of some species is state specific and not all species are available in all sizes and grades. Some additional species may be available on request.